where the fuck is my pizza

I ate.


Nothing ever really changes …

By the awesome Steph Gonzalez

MMMPPH. So hot. <3

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will someone sing to me?(:

How does the Pokemon theme song sound? 

As a total giant lesbian, the only porn I watch is man on man. Girl on girl in porn world is super, super heterosexual and that doesn’t appeal to me. What does appeal to me? Homosexuality.

Hannah Hart

Same, girl. Same. 

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This is the truest thing I’ve read today.


I honestly need advice on coming out. My friends know but the thought of anyone being able to know makes me sick :/

It shouldn’t, that only means you are afraid to be yourself. You don’t have to go around saying it blatantly for no apparent reason; bring it up when it is relevant so it’s not something you have to force upon yourself and it comes naturally.

Example: If someone asks you if you have a boyfriend you can tell them no and explain why. Since they already decided they are at that personal level with you then you can be real with them. :)

Hope this helps a bit!


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